tiistai 1. tammikuuta 2013


The challeng of Collage Obsession
Clear Waters
(Postcard size)

I combined two different pictures found in the internet,
added crackle accents onto the lower part of the
background picture and my typed message
onto the door.
My message is that we should preserve the waters of
the world from the pollution.
At the same time we will preserve many plants and animals
 which make the world so wonderful place to live.

Happy New Year!

8 kommenttia:

bluegiraffe (Sherry) kirjoitti...

This is so very beautiful, and I love the sentiment too. Thanks for participating!

Electra kirjoitti...

This is wonderful, I wish I could do something a bit more surreal as you have. Great quote too!

Kaylene kirjoitti...

Great work and quite surreal.

Wendy - Anntaurus kirjoitti...

Great combination of photos and a fab sentiment.

enkulin käsityöt kirjoitti...

Ihana tulevaisuuden ovi.

bohemiannie! art kirjoitti...

Beautiful...gorgeous collage. I live in an apartment with a distant view of the Caribbean. But...it's full of trash in this stretch of the world. SO very sad.

onnenpuuphotoblog kirjoitti...

Todella upea kuva! Ja olen yhtä mieltä kanssasi; emme ehkä ymmärräkkään, miten tärkeä vesi meille on.

Jan kirjoitti...

Indeed.....if we don't preserve the water (and the world) for the future, there won't be one! Love images to portray a message!