lauantai 16. elokuuta 2014

Art Journal Journey-Frida

Inspired by Susi's wonderful video I made my first mixed-media canvas. It's for Art Journal Journey Challenge 08/2014

I used as a background the lid of a shoe box. Painted it first with golden acrylic/glue-mix. Then glued pieces of scrap papers in different shapes, colours and sizes. To get the surface hard enough I painted all with vernish.Then added the printed Frida's portrait (her own painting), made her dress from pieces of papers. Then glued the whole work with napkin glue, added embellishments and the printed Frida's quote.
The edges of the box lid I painted with acrylic and ink.

Thank you for your interest.
Susin opetusvideosta inspiroituneena tein ensimmäisen
 mixed-media kanvakseni. 
Käytin taustana kenkälaatikon kantta. Maalasin sen ensin kulta/ akryyli/liima-sekoituksella. Sitten liimasin kanteen eri värisiä, kokoisia ja muotoisia paperinpaloja. Saadakseni pinnan tarpeeksi kovaksi lakkasin koko työn vielä servettiliimalla.
Lopuksi liimasin printatun Fridan oma-kuvan, koristeet ja paperille tulostetut Fridan sanat.
Työn reunukset maalalsin akryylillä ja musteella.
Kiitos mielenkiinnostasi.

16 kommenttia:

Valerie-Jael kirjoitti...

I am SPEECHLESS! Wow, this is wonderful, love it! You have made me happy again! Hugs, Valerie

sirkkis kirjoitti...

Thank you dear Valerie. It's my pleasure to work with Frida.
Hugs :)

froebelsternchen Susi kirjoitti...

Oh wow Sirkkis- this turned out so utterly beautiful!
You made her dress so fantastic just lovely and what a fab accent this roses are?!
I am totally pleased that the video insiired you to such a great canvas!
Thank you for another fab Frida piece for our collection!
Have a great Saturday!

Margik kirjoitti...

Great idea, Sirkkis. This is a genial work, I love the dress from pieces of papers.
Mar x

sheila 77 kirjoitti...

Very well done, Sirkkis, you've taken Susi's video then made the picture in your own style. This is terrific, I like the way you have made the skirt and the interesting background.

Birgit kirjoitti...

You did a GREAT job. It's a gorgeous piece of art.

ULKAU kirjoitti...

I love your collage!
It's absolutly great done, so creativ!
Regards Ulrike

enkulin käsityöt kirjoitti...

Ihana, upea, voimallinen kaunis taideteos!

lena-dailyscrap kirjoitti...

Lovely, lovely! Beautiful canvas - very well done!

~*~Patty S kirjoitti...

WOW what a triumph this is...
I really like that painting Frida did with her hair down. I just rewatched a video from long ago with Selma Hayak playing Friday and her braids that were connected in a circle in the back fascinated me as did the entire movie.
Susi is amazing and shares so much...I can see why you were inspired to create something after watching her video...
this is brilliant!

sirkkis kirjoitti...

Thank you a lot Patty:) I've recorded the film and it made a geat impression on me. Salma looks very much like Frida in this marvellous film. Of course it's sad but as Frida said 'I paint my reality' it was her life indeed. This challenge has been so inspiring, isn't it.

Susanna kirjoitti...

Waude upea Frida-taulu!

Little Artbee kirjoitti...

Very amazing collage with Frida. Wonderful artwork. I like it much.
Dear Greetings

Karla B kirjoitti...

Outstanding work Soul Sister!

Barbara B. kirjoitti...

A wonderful representation of Frida. Congratulations.

Selma kirjoitti...

Tämä on tosi hieno!