sunnuntai 26. heinäkuuta 2015

SPA-Strong Woman/Vahva nainen

For Sunday Postcard Art
"I paint my reality"
- Frida Kahlo

Thank you for stopping by. 
I really appreciate your comments.
Happy Sunday♥
"Maalaan todellisuuttani"
- Frida Kahlo
Kiitos vierailusta ja kommentistasi.
Hyvää sunnuntaita♥

10 kommenttia:

Valerie-Jael kirjoitti...

Beautiful, great to see Frida again. Hugs, Valerie

Deborah kirjoitti...

She must have had incredible strength to deal with lifelong pain and injury. Stunning!

bockel24 kirjoitti...

love this card!

chrissie kirjoitti...

Anything with Frida on it gets my vote Sirkkis and this is stunning

Love Chrissie xx

Karen Maggio kirjoitti...

Lovely collages... Thank you so much for stopping by my blog and leaving the lovely comment.

abby j kirjoitti...

GORGEOUS Frieda...fabulous use of color and design patterns. STRONG piece of art.

Lori Saul kirjoitti...

I always love anything Frida- this is gorgeous Sirkkis!

Little Artbee kirjoitti...

Very good how you decorated all around Frida, I love it.
Dear Greetings

Linda Gibbons kirjoitti...

Perfect choice for this theme, and wonderfully done! Frida letting her hair down--love it!

Deann kirjoitti...

This is a fabulous collage and a great choice...beautiful postcard.