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Rapunzel Fairy Tale

I made this mixed-media page for the Mix It Monthly Art-Challenge November theme 'Rapunzel', which is the German name of the fairy tale by the Brothers Grimm. 
You can read the story HERE.
My interpretation of the story tells how the witch has got to the high tower without any stair, where Rapunzel was locked in. It went this way. The witch shouted: 
"Rapunzel, Rapunzel, let down your hair, that I may climb thy golden stair".
I hand made my page's background with different pieces of scrap images and texts, a napkin and acrylics. The tower, the witch and Rapunzel I drew and painted with acrylic paints and ink pencils. Two texts were edited and added digitally on the work.
I'm linking the page also in Paint Party Friday Week 36, Year 7.
Thank you for stopping by and for the time you take to leave the comment.
Wishing everyone Happy PPF ❤
Sekatekniikalla tekemäni sivu on tulkintani Grimmin sadusta 'Tähkäpää/Persiljainen'. Siinä kerron, miten noita on päässyt Tähkäpään luokse korkeaan torniin, jossa ei ollut portaita. Hän huusi alhaalta:
"Tähkäpää, Tähkäpää laske alas hiuksesi, että voin kiivetä kuin kultaisia rappusia!"
Tein taustan käsin käyttäen leikekuvia ja tekstejä, servettiä ja akryylimaalia. Tornin, Tähkäpään ja noidan piirsin ja maalasin aktyyliväreillä ja värikynillä. Lopuksi editoin tekstit ja lisäsin digitaalisesti työhön.
Kiitos mielenkiinnosta. 
Satumaisen hyvää viikonloppua kaikille ❤

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froebelsternchen Susi kirjoitti...

Absolutely GORGEOUS dear Sirkka - I specially love the complexion of the witch---lol!
Happy weekend!

marijke everythings arty kirjoitti...

Lovely mixed media work, so nice to visit your blog

John R kirjoitti...

Great work.

sheila 77 kirjoitti...

This is totally fabulous. That is such a very bad witch and such a very innocent looking Rapunzel. I love the background you've made to the tower (and the tower is great too) with the swirls and flowers and leaves and stars, just like in a fairy story. I love it.

geistige_Schritte kirjoitti...

wonderful beautiful work !!!!
Have nice Day and Happy PPF

My name is Erika. kirjoitti...

Love it!

Clare Lloyd kirjoitti...

Great journal page

Carol Henstra kirjoitti...

Beautifully done and the story and background. Perfect!

Linda Kunsman kirjoitti...

fabulous collage and story telling art-love it!! Happy PPF!

Victoria kirjoitti...

Beautiful art! Magical , powerful and so wonderful! I love your art and love the Brother's Grimm! This is fantastical!
happy PPF
Victoria #23

Mrs.B kirjoitti...

A fabulous page Sirkka, love how you've interpreted the story. Love that witch, so scary.
Avril xx

carol l mckenna kirjoitti...

Very creative, colorful and wonderful! Love it ~

Happy Weekend to you ~
A ShutterBug Explores,
aka (A Creative Harbor)

Pia Rom kirjoitti...

Haha poor Rapunzel ;) She looks so sweet <3 But look at the witch, she is so horrible that she has turned green, haha...what a fantastic piece, Sirkka! I so enjoy looking at it, make me smile ;) ♥ Conny

Meggymay kirjoitti...

A gorgeous page to interpret the fairy story.
The witch looks quite evil. The Grimm Brothers tales have a real dark side to them. Its good they have much nicer endings.
Yvonne xx

pearshapedcrafting kirjoitti...

What a wonderful fairy tale illustration!The witch looks so wicked! Hugs, Chris

gillena cox kirjoitti...

Luv that fairy tale and enjoyed your collage Sirkkis. Happy PPF


Giggles kirjoitti...

Fabulous work!!

Peace Giggles

June Walker kirjoitti...

Fabulous fairy tale art piece. I like that story. The witch looks so scary!!

Nicole Beadwright Campanella kirjoitti...

Very nice. I love the rendition of your story.

Jennifer McLean kirjoitti...

hehehehe, the witch is especially good. Very creepy. Visiting From PPF. Oh, my new blog is now live on my new wordpress site ( and I'm doing a giveaway tomorrow (Sunday). The giveaway will include a DIY Altoids tin with magnetic half pans, pencil & eraser, Hahnemuhle Grey Book toned paper sketchbook, Micron sigma pens, a Grumbacher watercolor brush and a bee magnet! Hope to see you there!

Rein kirjoitti...

stunning artwork,
love your great Page!

JKW kirjoitti...

Fantastic art work. Blessings, Janet

Lorraine kirjoitti...

love all the colours especially the green one