perjantai 25. marraskuuta 2022

Heart aches in teenage

I made this digital mixed media/hybrid page from my beneath hand with charcoal drawn face onto a jeans picture and on a piece of a written paper. 
So, now the girl seems to be a real city teenager with many others.

I'm linking this post at the Nicole's/DVArtist Friday Face Off this week.
Thank you for visiting.
Teinitytön sydänsuruja.
Tein ylinnä olevan mixed media/hybrid-digityön alempana olevasta käsin tekemästäni piirroksesta paperin palalle, jonka olen asettanut farkku-kuvalle ja lisännyt sydämen.
Nyt tytöstä tuli kaupunkilaistyttö sydänsuruineen monien muiden teinien joukossa.

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  1. can be difficult to be a teenager and particularly a girl I'm told. The young girls that you drawn have such amazing eyes. Enjoy your weekend.

  2. The face looks amazing on the city background and on your jeans too. What a cool face. And the idea of linking her to the city is great also. Have a wonderful weekend Sirkkis. Hugs-Erika

  3. I love how you melded these together. Really stunning.

  4. Sirkkis this is such a powerful piece of art. I can't stop looking at it. Thank you for joining FFO.

  5. Kyllä sinä olet taitava 👍 hienoa työskentelyäsi on ihana seurata ❤️ Mukavaa viikonloppua Sinulle 💕

  6. Very beautiful and inventive image!

  7. A beautiful work of art! Love how you portrayed the heartbreak!
    Happy Advent!
    Hugs -Elke

  8. I am catching up on comments and realize that Anonyyml 25 is my comment. I forget to sign in when I change browsers. Duuhhh...


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