maanantai 22. elokuuta 2016

Spirit Art Journaling for Artists

Day 14's Theme is 'Soul Dance'
I think that the Argentine tango is a real soul dance.
♥ Eat, sleep, dance ♥

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chrissie kirjoitti...

So much movement and feeling

Love Chrissie xx

peggy gatto kirjoitti...


Ninnu kirjoitti...

Hieno ❤

genie kirjoitti...

What a great interpretation of the day. Yes, it dos take two to tango and I agree that it is the dance of the soul. Thank you for your kind comment on my post. I am SO FAR BEHIND, but It is better late than never. genie

Margik kirjoitti...

This is fantastic Sirkka. Love the amazing images you've used for your great collage. Mar x