sunnuntai 30. heinäkuuta 2017


'Veronica Lake'
I altered her burgundy haired. Originally she was blond as you see from the photo taken in 1955. She was an American film, stage and television actress. 
I'm linking the work in Take a Word Challenge's this week theme 'Monochrome'.

I made another monochrome interpretation of another style:
'Good Morning'
Image credits to TFS, altered by me.
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Have a great upcoming week.
Monochrome tarkoittaa mustavalkoista työtä, jossa on häivähdys jotain väriä.
Muunsin Victoria Laken m/v valokuvan sekä tein toisen, jossa käytin TFS:n kuvamateriaalia.
Hyvää sunnuntaita ja alkavaa uutta viikkoa!

12 kommenttia:

June Walker kirjoitti...

Black and white with the touch of reds is very appealing. very dramatic!

chrissie kirjoitti...

Both are amazing and the hair on th first one is an amazing colour

Love Chrissie xx

peggy gatto kirjoitti...

Love these both, great coloring!

Meggymay kirjoitti...

Fantastic monochrome pages. Loved the deep red hair colour and the design details in the second page.
Yvonne xx

sheila 77 kirjoitti...

Oh my goodness, Sirkkis, the second picture is stunning, so unusual, minimalist and with maximum impact. Black and white with the touches of rose-pink, it's just perfect.

Rosie kirjoitti...

Wow, these are fantastic pages

CERULEAN kirjoitti...

Wonderful. Spectacular change with red-brown hair. How color can make a difference. kirjoitti...


indybev kirjoitti...

Both are stunning, Sirkkis, but I think I prefer the latter.

Deann kirjoitti...

Both are wonderful I adore that red hair...great job.

Michele kirjoitti...

both are lovely strong sexy women depicted with respect and admiration! i love both of these. xo

sbpoet kirjoitti...

Love what you did with these, especially the first.