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The Unknown Lady

 For the theme 'Vintage' at Art Journal Journey Challenge this month.
I multiplied digitally the Theatre magazine's front cover from the year 1924, and made the layout for my page using the cover pages plus added all another images, texts, layers and effects on it.
Beneath you see the original cover, which includes the text. I enlarged it because it is very interesting. The part of it was covered as you see (from the public I suppose), and you can read: 
Is the (covered) "The Unknown Lady"
Menace to public morals? 

I wonder whether the theatre play was too unmoral at that time 1924 😏
What do you think about the matter?
Thank you for visiting and the comment.
Koostin 'teatterilehden' kannesta vuodelta 1924 kollaasin teemaan 'Vintage'.
Oheistin mukaan alkuperäisen kannen, koska siitä näkyy myös alkuperäinen painettu teksti. Kyse on näytelmästä nimeltä 'Tuntematon leidi' ja käsittääkseni tekstistä yksi sana on peitetty, siis sensuroitu, teksti sen jälkeen: "Uhka julkiselle moraalille😏?

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  1. A beautiful lady, a beautiful page. I love anything art deco or art nouveau, be it ornaments, decor or fashion, so this is really something I love. This is a beautiful way to have used the page in triplicate with the use of theatre by the luscious curtains.
    A lovely page Sirkkis.
    Hugs, Neet xx

  2. A fantastic page , love the image and the way you have used it. Thank you so much for sharing with us on Art Journal Journey.

  3. That is a great old theater magazine cover. You created such a nice look with the way you used it multiple times and overlapped it. It is perfect for Wendy's challenge at AJJ. Thanks for joining us. Have a great start to the new week, and hope it's not too cold yet. Hugs-Erika

  4. This was stunning, Sirkkis. I loved the layers you built up, the added images, and the repetition of the magazine cover. It was fascinating to read about the "censored" lady, too. From what I've read, this was the era of the "flapper," where women were just coming into their own style and discovering their own identities. Those who ventured into dance and such, like the flappers, were considered to be immoral at the time. The play may have touched on that and caused some to be outraged. There were two generations: those before the "Great War," and those afterward. I fear the older generation (and men of all ages in general) were still not impressed with the way the world was changing. Many men felt threatened by these "modern" women. I think this is not only a great page using Wendy's theme at Art Journal Journey, it's also a very thought provoking subject you raised.

  5. She is stunning and I love how you did her multiple times. Such a lovely vintage idea and creation.


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