lauantai 27. marraskuuta 2021

Phenomenal scenery

*Solar Wind* 💨?
I created this phenomenal scenery for challenge themes 'Odd' at Digital Whisper this week, and Chris's theme 'All kinds of weather' at Art Journal Journey this month.
I made the layout, background, all lightning and other effects with Photoshop elements, the images are freebies and altered by me.
 Nowadays there in space is happening so many kind of phenomena that maybe this could be true 😳
Thank you for visiting in space with me. Stay safe and be well 😀
'Mieletön näkymä'
Tämän diginäkymän tein teemaan 'Outo' ja linkitän sen myös teemaan 'Kaikenlainen sää'. Tämä voisi ehkä olla aurinkotuulen aiheuttamaa, kun avaruudessa nykyään tapahtuu niin paljon kaikenlaista kummallista 😳
Tein layoutin, taustan, kaikki tehosteet, valaistuksen, sekä muuntelin ilmaiskuvia.
Kiitos, että uskaltauduit kanssani avaruuteen.
Turvallista ja hyvää viikonloppua kaikille 😀

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  1. That sun is an amazing image. It feels a little bit Native American to me. I wonder if it is. This is a cool piece for Chris’ challenge at AJJ. Thanks for sharing with us. Any snow yet? We got our first snowfall last night. And the wind is loud this morning too. Have a wonderful weekend my friend. Hugs Erika

  2. What a cool page! Love the concept - so cool for Chris' theme! Love it!

  3. Simply wonderful digital art! I love your composition Sirkkis!

  4. Once again your digital art is amazing! It has made me smile because years ago when satellites were first put up in space they used to get blamed for any bad weather! Thank you so much for another brilliant page for my theme at AJJ, Hugs, Chrisx

  5. Since all our weather comes from space, this is a fabulous entry for Chris's theme at Art Journal Journey. I love how you depicted space and how amazing that sun and those stars are. Just a beautiful digital entry, Sirkkis.

  6. A great take on a strange and wonderful challenge.

  7. Genius ideas Sirkkis! I love it a lot!
    Stay warm and safe my friend.

  8. This is delightfully original! Skillfully fits both challenges and entertains us as well!

  9. Well thought out and perfectly created.
    Love it
    Thanks for playing


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