perjantai 11. marraskuuta 2022

Another autumn girl

My digital collage page with my hand with acrylics painted 'Girl and autumn leaves' painting (beneath). Now I set it on another digitally made background page, and digitally made this collage page. I typed the Angie Weiland-Crosby's text on the label I made.
I'm linking this post at the Nicole's/DVArtist Friday Face Off this week.
 Thank you for calling in, and have a wonderful weekend ahead. 
Toinen syksyn tyttö ja lehdet. Tein nyt digikollaasin, johon uudelle taustalle lisäsin maalaukseni. Kirjoitin tekemälleni taustalle tekstin: "Syksy kuiskasi tuulelle: Minä kaadun, mutta nousen aina uudelleen."
 - Angie Weiland-Crosby
Kollaasi ja maalaus menevät teemaan: 'Kasvot'.
Hyvää viikonloppua kaikille.

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  1. She´s a beauty - and I love the earring (not the point, I know...). Great work!

  2. Ohhh she is gorgeous. I love her eyes but more than that I am so impressed on how you treated her hair. Very nicely done. Thank you for joining FFO.

  3. She's beautiful and I see Ruska influence! We are almost bare trees here now, but it's still beautiful. Have a wonderful weekend.

  4. She is a genuine beauty. I love how you treated her hair and how beautiful she is. It's a lovely collage, Sirkkis.

    It appears, at least for the time being, that my problem being unable to leave comments on your blog has been cured.

  5. I love this ... so beautifully done, Sirkkis. And yes, though we have seen the last of our beautiful fall, it makes my heart happy knowing it will be back again and again. Have a lovely week, Sirkkis ...

    Andrea @ From the Sol


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