torstai 18. huhtikuuta 2024

Playing with geometric forms and shapes

There are many geometric forms and other shapes in this nostalgic digitally made art journal page for Art Journal Journey theme this month.
I composed the layout with old Itkupilli-images and freebies, and made the background with lot of overlays including squares. Then finished it and typed the quote with my computer.
Thank you for visiting 🐧
Art journal-sivultani löytyy runsaasti geometrisiä muotoja ja muita kuvioita.
Arkistostani poimin nostalgisia "sepia-lapsia" ja ilmaiskuvia. Taustan tein runsaasti kuvioiduin kerrostumin ja kirjoitin mietelauseen tietotokoneessani:
'Leikki on aivojen suosikkitapa oppia.'  - Diane Ackerman.
Kiva, kun kurkkasit tänne 🦉

8 kommenttia:

  1. Oi oi tätä ihanuutta.
    Mukavaa päivää sinulle.

  2. Such a nostalgic piece Sirkkis, I love the little boy on the left hand side with the huge clock face in his hand. His expression could be saying he is about to swing it and hit someone on the head. Lots of geometric forms here.
    Hugs Neet xx

    1. Thanks, Neet for your comment. I wonder that you see the girl on the left as a boy 🤔 She has a nice dress of girls, but if she/he really is a boy, I don't wonder that he has an angry impression, because I dressed him as a girl 😂and gave the silly clock to keep in his hand 😐 I apologize 😄

  3. You have put a beautiful scene together, and with lots of geometric shapes, thanks for joining us at AJJ, much appreciated!

  4. Thank goodness for art so we can keep on playing. I suppose cooking and sewing as well as some other things mean the same to people. I like this page, including the big dollhouse. And I see lots of geometry too. Thanks for joining Valerie's challenge. hugs-Erika

  5. beautiful scene this Journalpage!
    Have a good april!Hug Elke

    1. Thank you Elke ❤️ I wish your April is full of good things and creativity 🌷

  6. Vintage vibe with a twist, what great images you have used, love the introduction of the geometrics. Such wise words.. we need to play to learn indeed.
    Happy crafting HUgs Tracey xx


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