tiistai 10. marraskuuta 2015

3Muses-Quirky me/Omituisuuteni

This week The Three Muses Challenge is hosted by Ann, and she asks us to journal a page owning up something quirky about ourselves. 
I tell now about the woman, whose head is in clouds but lucily the other foot stays on the ground. This woman can't live without music, and there is a barely perceptible pause... 
that's me.
This time one of my favorits, Stan Getz with his saxophone is playing jazz, and in another room classical music's sounds
can be heard. Slightly quirky isn't it ;)
I built up the collage using the stuff on my stash.
Thanks for stopping by and the comment you leave is most appreciated.
Tällä viikolla Ann emännöi haastetta ja hän pyytää meitä kertomaan kummallisuudesta itsessä. 
Kerron nyt naisesta, jonka pää on pilvissä, mutta toinen jalka onneksi pysyy maassa. Hän ei voi elää ilman musiikkia ja on tuskin hetkeäkään, että se taukoaa... ja tämä olen minä. 
Tällä kertaa yksi suosikeistani Stan Getz soittaa jazzia saxofonillaan, ja samaan aikaan toisesta huoneesta kuuluu klassisen musiikin soinnut. Hiukan omituista, vai kuinka ;)
Rakentelin kollaasini materiaaleista, joita löytyi tarpeistostani.
Mukavaa, kun poikkesit ja kommentti on tietysti tervetullut.

12 kommenttia:

Karla B kirjoitti...

And this woman honours me with her friendship and warm heart!Beautiful, Soul Sister!

Maca kirjoitti...

Omituisiahan me kaikki ollaan, omalla tavallamme. Kokonaisuus on kiehtova.

Judy kirjoitti...

Jazz and classical, my choice, too, Sirkkis, I especially love jazz! Your fabulous page says so much about you, excellent!

chrissie kirjoitti...

Amazing as always and Classical Jazz just can't be a bad choice for anything.

Love Chrissie xx

Meggymay kirjoitti...

Great collage page and so much detail. I loved reading your post, I have to say its classical music for me and well known operatic pieces.
Yvonne xx

indybev kirjoitti...

How fun to learn more about one another! Your quirks sound delightful, and your art is most expressive. I wish we could meet for coffee!

Deann kirjoitti...

Sirkkis I always adore your wonderful collage work you have interesting and beautiful details in every picture. I too can't live without music you're just the kind of quirky I like.

carolann kirjoitti...

Nice collage as usual.

Christine kirjoitti...

Lovely quirky to me... There's no life without music.

Sim kirjoitti...

What a wonderful collage and joyful personality Sirkkis!
So, your quirkyness is to change your musical universe when changing of room! Great, I do the same but didn't know it was quirky. But surely it is, isn't it? I love the way you've managed this delicate changing atmosphere into a beautiful collage of accoustic elements.
(I love the shoe too! THE detail!!:)

Taluula kirjoitti...

It's lovely to learn that about you, Sirkkis. Your quirkiness is inspirational.

pearshapedcrafting kirjoitti...

Music in every room? I must be quirky too! I love this Sirrkis! Chrisx