tiistai 5. joulukuuta 2017

Suomi 100 vuotta/Celebratio in Space

'Juhlat avaruudessa' -digityöni myötä onnittelen Suomea 100 vuotta kestäneestä itsenäisyydestämme. 
Toivottavasti saamme elää rauhassa ja onnellisten tähtien alla satoja vuosia eteenkin päin.
⭐Hyvää Itsenäisyyspäivää meille kaikille suomalaisille⭐

We are celebrating Finland's 100 years of independence  on December 6th 2017.
I hope that we can live for hundreds years ahead in peace and under good stars.

Please, click the photo to see it in a light box.
Above you see a photo of Saana Fell in Honor of Finland's Independence Jubilee. The largest production in Luminous Finland 100 series of light art. This is the first time anyone has done anything like this anywhere in the world. The area to be lit consists of 2,5 million square meters.

I take opportunity to link my digital work of this post in this week's
 Three Muses Challenge theme 'Stars'.
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14 kommenttia:

sheila 77 kirjoitti...

Oh this is a great light art, how can they do this, it looks impossible, such a lovely blue over the whole hill.
Your blue collage is absolutely marvellous, everything about it is just right - the stars, the two people, the sky, the black silhouettes.
Congratulations to Finland and the Finnish people on the hundredth anniversary.

sirkkis kirjoitti...

Thank you dear Sheila a lot for your kind congratulation on our 100 years anniversary 💕

Meggymay kirjoitti...

Your collage looks beautiful and I am in awe of the photo you shared, It must be an amazing sight to see for real.
Congratulations to your country as you celebrate this event.
Yvonne xx

Ozstuff kirjoitti...

Fabulous artwork and a very interesting story celebrating Finland's 100 years of independence.

Sim kirjoitti...

You are beautifully playing with the stars Sirkkis!

(This light art is a marvel! It looks like a dolphin :)

Deann kirjoitti...

Your picture is magical and lovely. Thank you for sharing Finland's Independence Jubilee what a glorious sight it must have been to see that glowing mountain.

Mrs.B kirjoitti...

A beautiful page Sirkka and that's such an amazing photo. A wonderful way to celebrate 100 years Independence.
Avril xx

Incipient Wings kirjoitti...

gorgeous work..lovely photos:)

Michele kirjoitti...

your stars creation is mesmerizing; it is transcendent! happy 100 years of Independence to Finland! wishing many good things in years to come, with peace and freedom for all. xo

Lori Saul kirjoitti...

Beautiful art and imagery-so inspirational!

indybev kirjoitti...

This fantasy is phenomenal, Sirkkis ... imaginative and lovely to see!

Carol Henstra kirjoitti...

Very beautiful!

Barb kirjoitti...

Beautiful collage with lots of fun details. And thank you for including the photo of the light on the hill - fabulous! Congratulations to Finland on 100 years of independence!

Taluula kirjoitti...

A beautiful starry page, Sirkkis, and also what an amazing photo capture for your 100 years of independence. Congratulations, my friend.