perjantai 27. heinäkuuta 2018

Photo alteration

I altered the photo of Mary Pickford (an Canadian-born actress 1892-1979) with photoshop filters and painting brushes. I made her to look a little grungy as I first was going to make it for a challenge theme 'grungy'. You see the original photo below:
As you see I added also some elements and a frame onto the black and white photo.
I'm linking my work at the Paint Party Friday Week 21, Year 8.
Thank you for stopping by and the comment you kindly leave.
Happy PPF to everyone.
Muunsin Mary Pickfordin (kanadalaissyntyinen näyttelijätär 1892-1979) valokuvan maalaamalla digisiveltimillä ja filtteroimalla kuvan 'grungy'-tyyliseksi. Alkuperäisen musta/valkoisen kuvan näet yllä. Kuten näkyy lisäsin siihen myös uusia elementtejä ja kehyksen. 
Aurinkoista viikonloppua ja kiva kun poikkesit blogissani.

14 kommenttia:

Nordljus kirjoitti...

Love your altered photo! Sounds like you had fun doing it and the result is great!

Meggymay kirjoitti...

This looks amazing, I love how you alter photos, this looks much more interesting than the original.
Yvonne xx

Sandy kirjoitti...

Terrific altered photo..
Happy PPF
Vicki-Ann :)

Tracey@Hotchpotchcreations kirjoitti...

What a fabulous transformation, reminds me of a frame from an old classic movie. Stunning, Thank you for sharing & Happy PPF Tracey.

Jan (JFM) kirjoitti...

Beautifully altered photo of Mary Pickford. I love the background that you added!

Happy PPF 🎨

Hugs 💮

Arnoldo L. Romero, MLA kirjoitti...

Your digital work enhanced the dreamy look of the actress's portrait. Happy PPF and blessings!

Linda Kunsman kirjoitti...

fabulous digital manipulations! Love the vibrant touches of red and purple. Happy PPF!

Christine kirjoitti...

Lovely work on the alteration!

SLScheibe kirjoitti...

A fun digital portrait! Such a beautiful woman she was :)

carol l mckenna kirjoitti...

Creative altered Mary Pickford photo! Awesome!

Happy Day to you,
A ShutterBug Explores,
aka (A Creative Harbor)

Nicole DVArtist kirjoitti...

Oh you made her look wonderful.

Silkku kirjoitti...

Wau! Hienosti olet tuunannut työn :)

Irene Rafael kirjoitti...

You are just so clever! I love this altered photo!

Beth Niquette kirjoitti...

You did a lovely job on this--photoshop is a fascinating way to do art! Mary Pickford was such a wonderful woman. I admire her a lot. I wonder what she would think of today's technology? I often do wonder about folks from then...what would they think?