tiistai 9. lokakuuta 2018

Bookworm in her cave

For the Three Muses Challenge theme 'Book'.
The image material, which I used in my collage, was googled . 
The layout and frame were made with PSE.
Thank you for visiting and have a wonderful time with books, too!
'Lukutoukka luolassaan'-digityöni tein teemaan 'Kirja'.
Kuvamateriaalin googlasin ja koostin kuvankäsittelyssä kollaasiksi.
Kiva, kun poikkesit ja hyviä lukuhetkiä sinullekin!

4 kommenttia:

Sue (this n that) kirjoitti...

Hello Sirkkis,
I can feel the love of reading in your collage. So nice to snuggle up with lots of cushions and read, read, read! Beautifully created.
Nice to catch up again, cheers, Sue :D) xx

Sim kirjoitti...

Beautiful Sirkkis!
A happy coincidence shows 'La Dame à la Licorne' tapestry in your BG and, actually, it's the book of Tracy Chevalier I'm reading at the moment!

indybev kirjoitti...

This depicts a perfect, leisurely afternoon. I could spend a week there, and just have my meals brought in! Applause from here!

Deann kirjoitti...

Now that's a woman after my own heart...a beautiful picture...great work.