sunnuntai 16. kesäkuuta 2019

The Moomins, Family of Trolls

For the theme 'Idols' at Sunday Postcard Art this week.
I made a postcard, which is based on the characters of Moomin by Tove Jansson (1914-2001).
Tove Jansson was a Finnish author, novelist, painter, illustrator and comic strip author. She is principally known as the author of the Moomin books for children. She created the Moomins, a family of trolls who are white, round and smooth in appearance that make them vaguely resemble hippopotamuses.
I used for my card's background the cover of  one Jansson's children books, and set on it some other images and a three stamps set of Tove Jansson. The stamps were published in 2014, the celebration of her 100th anniversary.
Tove Jansson spent much time on her cottage on Finland's archipelago. You see it in one of the stamps.
Thank you for visiting.
Postikortti-teemaan 'Suosikit' tein kortin, jonka kuvitus perustuu Tuve Janssonin Muumi-peikkoihin. Me suomalaiset tunnemme heidät niin hyvin, että eivät kaipaa enempää esittelyä.
Kolmen postimerkin kokoelma, jonka näet kortissani, julkaistiin 2014 'Tuve Jansson100 vuotta' kunniaksi.
Kiitos käynnistä ja mielenkiinnosta.

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  1. I've heard of the Moomin's. And now that I have seen them they are really cute and fun. I need to see if I can find them in English since my Finnish (or is it in Swedish or both? I only say since I have slightly distant family in Finland who probably speak both languages but have a Swedish last name like that.) But I love your page! It is really fun. Hugs-Erka

  2. Thank you for introducing me to someone I would have probably never known about otherwise. I will look around and see of I can find any of her fun work over here. Beautiful collage work as always my friend.

  3. A new author for me, the childrens books sound fun and from your collage I can see how these sweet Moomin characters would be popular.
    It is a fabulous page.
    Yvonne xx

  4. I don't know THIS author ... but ist a funny postcard You made. :-)

  5. Well, now you know a bit 😆
    Japanese are devoted to Moomins.


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