maanantai 17. kesäkuuta 2019

Gymnasium of the mind

'Chess is the gymnasium of the mind'  -Blaise Pascal
Digital page for the theme 'Masculine' 
at Take a Word Challenge this week.
I'm linking my work also at Try It on Tuesday challenge theme
'It's a Man's world'.
Thank you for visiting.
 'Shakki on mielen voimistelusali'
Digityöni teemoihin 'Miehinen' ja 'Miehen maailma'.
Antoisaa uutta viikkoa kaikille meille.

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  1. this is genius! love love love!! xo

  2. Very cool piece Sirkkis. And thanks for filling my in about the languages in Finland. I was curious. And your comments spurred me on to do a little reading yesterday. My grandfather was from Narpes and we were always told he was Swedish, not Finnish, but when I got my DNA tests back I found out I was 17% Finnish so I believe the family must have been there for a while. It is funny how family stories get a little twisted over time.And I am impressed that you studied so many languages! Happy new week. Hugs-Erika

  3. Wonderful bit of digital art and such a true saying - you should enter this into AJJ's Words to Live By challenge!
    Thank you so much for playing along with us at Try it on Tuesday. I'm intrigued by Erika's comment, so I'm going to check out a little more of your blog :-)
    Cath x

  4. Fabulous, I love this... beautifully done.


  5. I never learned to play chess, and was not even a very good checkers player! The "gymnasium of my mind" didn't seem to work well with either! Your work is always so well done, Sirkkis. I enjoy a visit to your blog each time!

  6. This makes me laud of laughing ...
    So great, so comical, weird and slanting!
    You made ist this week, I thing. :-)
    (And once more again I'll trying to finde out, what the "I'm no robot" means in finnish ...)

  7. Fabulous, masculine page. My OH and sons play chess, I haven't a clue, its not my kind of game.
    Thank you for supporting and linking your great page with us at Try it on Tuesdays.
    Yvonne xx

  8. And I forgot to mention thanks for sharing this with us at try It on Tuesday.

  9. Beautiful digital collage! I love chess too (but I am a woman :))

  10. Gorgeous collage dear Sirkkis. Chess is the masterclass for brainworking.
    Dear Greetings


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