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Birds language

Birds communicate with each others singing. 
Some birds have two distinct 'languages', one for internal communication and one for use in flocks. All birds have a separate type of communication for 'songs' vs. communicating danger and other information. 
Bird songs are among nature's most distinctive and musically satisfying sounds. There are purposes why birds spend so much time and energy singing. Two main purposes are connected. First, male birds sing to mark territories. A singing bird is saying: "this place is mine, and I'm willing to defend it, especially others of my species." The second purpose of singing is to attract a mate for nesting. Female birds often choose their mates based on some blend of visual and vocal cues.
I consider the birds 'language' singing subject very interesting. If you like to know more about it, there are a lot the bird singing information in the web and libraries.
I created my digital art journal page for the 'Elle's  theme 'Language' at 
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'Lintujen kieli' 
Tein tämän art journal-sivuni teemaan 'Kieli'. 
Lintujen kieli on tietysti niiden laulukieli. Onkin mielenkiintoista, että lintujen laulussa on olemassa tietyt merkitykset. Joillakin linnuilla on kaksi eri kieltä, toinen sisäiseen, toinen parvissa tapahtuvaan kommunikointiin. Sillä, että linnut uhraavat niin paljon aikaa laulamiseen, on kaksi tarkoitusta: ensimmäinen on ilmaista, että paikka on varattu ja olen valmis puolustamaan sitä - etenkin lajitovereiltani. Toinen laulamisen tarkoitus on saada puoliso ja ryhtyä pesintään. 'Naispuoliset' linnut usein valitsevat puolisonsa kosijan ulkonäön ja äänen perusteella.
Hämmästyttävän paljon tutkimuksia on tehty ja on satavissa lintujen laulamisesta ja sen merkityksistä. Kirjoituksia löytyy sekä netistä että kirjastoista.

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  1. Love your language of birds page and the quote from Rumi also! There is a lot of bird activity going on here at the moment, lots of nesting I think so they are all singing away every day. Thanks for joining me for the Language theme at Art Journal Journey this month Elle xx

  2. This is another fabulous page Sirkkis.The birds are wonderful, and wouldn't it be nice to be able to sing and talk they way birds do? Thanks so much for sharing this with us at AJJ. Hope your week is going well and you have some spring weather too. Hugs-Erika

  3. A beautiful page - I see my favourite - the Hoopoe! The language of birds is fascinating! Hugs, Chrisx

  4. Fantastic idea with the birds with their language and such an impressively beautiful page of it. Class !!!!!
    Happy day, hug Elke

  5. I learned a lot about birds and their singing in this post, Sirkkis. And I love the Rumi quote, too. This is a beautiful entry, filled with gorgeous images. Thank you so much for sharing this wonderful entry with us at Art Journal Journey using Elle's theme.

  6. A lovely quote to go with this beautiful page, I do think the birds talk to each other, sometimes they could be a bit quieter especially early in the mornings.
    Stay safe.
    Yvonne xx

  7. There is nothing nicer than sitting on the patio and all is quiet except for the singing of the birds. I love your page and the information you have given to us about birds. I never thought of researching their singing/language but now you mention it I might just spend a little time doing just that.
    We have an owl quite close to us and I remember the nights we have sat there listening to her screeching which is her way of attracting a male apparently.
    Thank you for such an interesting post, illustrated beautifully.
    Hugs, Neet xx


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