perjantai 13. elokuuta 2021

My way

This is my story.
I made this page using the digital layer mask technique and chose the MC-image material from several sets. I don't like very messy things, and this technique saves the images quit clear in this style of works.
 This is my way.
  I'm linking the journal page at Art Journal Journey Challenge theme 'Type', which is chosen and hosted by Neet. I love the theme and hope you are not fed up my pages as more is coming....
I link this post also at The Pink Saturday 14th August theme 'Everything goes.
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Tämän art journal-sivuni tein käyttämällä digitaalista maski-tekniikkaa. En pidä kovin suttuisesta lopputuloksesta, ja tämä tekotapa pitää kuvat selkeämpinä tämän kaltaisissa toteutuksissa.
Linkitän työni teemaan 'Kirjaimet, tekstit'. Pidän kovasti teemasta ja näitä syntyy vielä lisää jatkossakin...Toivottavasti ette kyllästy.
Hyvää lähestyvää viikonloppua.

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  1. Who could ever get ;tired of seeing something so beautiful as this.
    I love seeing your art and wish I could do digital art like you do.
    What a beautiful face you have chosen for this piece. The roses are perfect against her porcelain skin and the colouring in the background is so subtle.
    I love how you have placed a line around her that links in with the birds in the sky and the feather to the side which is so subtle and links with the script in the bottom corner, making the whole thing cohesive.
    Apart from a beautiful type of rose which you chose there are three sets of different 'type' within this page to link with my thee at Art Journal Journey. Thank you for another beautiful page.
    Hugs, Neet xx

  2. Beautiful page, a lovely face and the roses make it even more so. Thanks for joining us at AJJ, Valerie

  3. She is lovely, and I like the layered face over the original. The roses are beautiful too. I'm certainly not tired of your pages as they are always inspirations and make we want to play with some digital images. I love that pretty watercolored background too. It is very hot here, and not my favorite weather. Hope yours is nicer and you have a happy weekend Sirkkis. Thanks for joining us at AJJ, and I look forward to your next page. Hugs-Erika

  4. This is lovely-it reminds me of a perfume label.

  5. Another detailed beauty from you!!!

  6. I could never get tired of seeing pure beauties like this gorgeous entry you gave us for Art Journal Journey. I'm also not a fan of messy and this turned out great. I love the rose background that you paired with the lovely lady's face. It certainly is perfect for Neet's theme. Thanks for sharing it with us at Art Journal Journey.

  7. I am completely in love with this art page! I rave about it, your imagination is impressive!
    I wish you a happy weekend! Hugs, Elke

  8. A beautiful and stunning lady. I love to see your pages and thank you for linking another inspiring page with us at Art Journal Journey.
    Yvonne xx


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