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Home of Santa Clause

'Ruska, the process of tree leaves turning various shades of red, yellow, purple, and brown is autumn; the time of fall foliage.'
I made one more illustration of the above words of ruska. I collaged it using for its background the photos of beneath. I added the reindeer, bird, and the text with a frame on my layout.

I  like to make some travelling promotion for our unique Lapland, and you can read what a travel website, the official marketing and communication house tells: "Lapland, the home of Santa Clause is the last wilderness in Europe, and part of the Sami homeland. Lapland is a destination about ordinary, full of contrasts and unique natural phenomena: Midnight Sun, Polar Nights, autumn colors, Northern Lights, and Arctic cites nestled among Ice Age Fells."
 Lapland, of cause, is important for our tourism business both in summer and winter. We hope that it turns back to normal soon after the Corona pandemic. 
I'm linking this post at Art Journal Journey theme 'My favorite autumn color', which is chosen and hosted by Tracey. Thank you Tracey for your interesting theme, and being the excellent host.
Thank you all for visiting and the time you take to leave the comment.
'Joulupukin koti'
Tein vielä yhden Lapin aiheisen kollaasin teemaan 'Syksyn suosikki värini'.
Koostin taustan kahdesta Lapin aiheisesta valokuvasta ja lisäsin siihen poron, linnun ja kirjoittamani tekstin kehyksineen.
Sitten tein vähän Lapin turismin edistämistä kertomalla, mitä eräs virallinen markkinointi- ja tiedotustoimisto siitä kertoo. Mehän täällä ne tiedämmekin: Keskiyön aurinko, Revontulet, ruska, ja Jääkaudelta peräisin olevat tunturit. Kirjoitan sen lisäksi vain, että Lapin matkailu sekä kesällä että talvella on meille tärkeää. Toivotaan me, että turismi taas elpyy tämän vallinneen koronapandemian jälkeen.
Kiitos käynnistä.

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My name is Erika. kirjoitti...

You had me with this page once I saw the reindeer, or what we call caribou (some types are a close relative) here in North America. I have always wanted to see one roaming and to see in in this gorgeous ruska makes an amazing page. (Ruska is now one of my words, although most people look at me like I don't know what I am talking about-smile.) Wow, it is really pretty. Thanks for sharing this beauty with us Sirkkis. It is perfect for Tracey's challenge and also quite beautiful even if it wasn't for the challenge. Hugs-Erika

Bleubeard and Elizabeth kirjoitti...

I was incredibly impressed with the beauty of this journal entry. I also read with great enthusiasm about the beauty of your land and how Lapland is known for Santa Claus. It's hard for me to think of Santa at times other than Christmas, but you did it perfectly with your brilliant Ruska colors and the reindeer. I love this. I'm thrilled you shared this with us at Art Journal Journey, too. It's ideal for Tracey's theme, dear.

sirkkis kirjoitti...

Thank you dear Elizabeth. Santa Claus's workshop makes presents for children in summer. He gets hundreds of letters from them all over the world 🎅

Tracey@Hotchpotchcreations kirjoitti...

Oh how amazing is that scene, makes me want to be there right now and run through those leaves. You really show an incredible vision, how lucky is Santa to live amongst it all.. Beautiful shared display. Thank YOU.
Hugs Tracey xx

Silkku kirjoitti...

Voi että miten kaunista!!! ihan tulee itku silmään kun tuota maisemaa katsoo. Olen paljon nuorempana vaellellut Lapissa ja kaipuu on kova.
Kiitos ihanasta työstä jonka olet taitavasti tehnyt 💖

Neet kirjoitti...

What a beautiful autumnal scene enhanced by that lovely animal - so strong and striking - they really are magnificent beasts aren't they.
Hugs, Neet xx

Debra kirjoitti...

This is lovely, and it made me want to travel there immediately! I love the colors-we didn't get that colorful this year because it has been too warm and we've had too much rain...

pearshapedcrafting kirjoitti...

The ruska colours of Lapland are beautiful- it must be a lovely place to be. We love to see the deer at local estates, although not so much at rutting time. Thanks for sharing this beautiful page at AJJ, hgs, Chrisx

Sim kirjoitti...

Such a beauty Sirkkis!
I knew Santa is living in your country lucky girl! :)
Have a good time and stay safe my friend.