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Back to the Junk Journal Book

Here are the rest of the pages of my Junk/Art Journal Book. 
Pages 6 and 7
Now I've given to every spread a theme. And it is 'Fashion' in this spread. The text stream says 'Inhale Fashion, Exhale Style.' And when it's turned left, there is a text 'Fashion is part of the daily air, and it changes all the time.' On the left hand page you see my old Skinny-card, and on the pages you see both Vintage and nowadays fashion.

Pages 8 and 9
The theme of these pages is 'Vintage People'. There is a smaller page, and when it's turned left you see another face. They are my old ATC-cards. All of them in this book are from the years 2011-2012. The cards 'Cherish' and 'Ne t'aime' I've colored with Distress Inks.

 Pages 10 and 11

My theme for these pages is 'Dance and Love'. There are my three ATCs.

Pages 12 and 13
The last spread  includes two pages which theme is 'Work'. And I've worked, too. Sewing with a sewing machine is my less liked work, but I've done it on the left hand page's pocket 😏 which is my Skinny-card. There on the page are textile pieces, which I added now from my old cushion, which is not made by me!

If you haven't seen this books' covers and the pages 1. - 5. here is the link to covers
I'm linking the pages to Erika's theme 'Let's face it' at Art Journal Journey.
Thank you for interest and have a nice time 💗
Tässä tulee loput Junk Journaliin tekemäni aukeamat. Olen nyt antanut kullekin aukeamalle teemat, jotka ovat 'Muoti', 'Vintage ihmiset', Tanssi ja rakkaus' sekä viimeisenä 'Työ'.
Sivuillani on ATC-kortteja vuosilta 2011-2012, sekä kaksi Skinny-korttia. Joitain korteista (s.8-9) olen väritellyt Distress Inkillä ja tuossa viimeisessä ihmettelen, että olen jopa ommellut koneella, vaikka se on inhoamaani käsityötä 😏,
sivulla on myös vanhasta sohvatyynystä palasi, ja ne lisäsin nyt. Tyynyä en todellakaan ole tehnyt itse!
Kiva, jos kirjaseni kiinnosti. Mukavaa päivän jatkoa 💗
P.S. Jos et ole nähnyt kirjasen kansia ja aiempia sivuja, näet ne ylhäällä olevista linkeistä.

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  1. You've inspired me to use up some images I have and make a junk journal myself. These pages are wonderful additions to the first 2 sets you showed us, and I like how you included ATCs also. You have a super album, and I am glad you shared it with us at AJJ and joined in with my challenge. It is always much appreciated. Hope you are having a nice January so far. We've been very cold with lots of ice. Makes walking treacherous; that's for certain. Happy new week and thanks again. Hugs-Erika

  2. These are just stunning.

  3. These really are such beautiful pages Sirkkis!
    I love the images and themes you used.
    Happy new week,

  4. An awesome collection of pages each one has so much to look at. You have me thinking about using my bits and pieces in this way. Thank you for linking to Erika's theme at AJJ.
    Yvonne xx

  5. This is just wonderful!

  6. What a perfect way to give new life to your old ATCs and skinny cards. Of note is the fact you sorted each set of pages by theme. It made the pages cohesive and gave each spread purpose. I also like how not all the pages were the same size. Adding the smaller page makes this book extra special I believe. I'm not sure Debra realized what an incredible student she unleashed in you and this amazing junk journal. And the sewing made me so happy. I always love when I see anything sewn on a journal page. Thank you for these incredible pages and thank you for sharing them with us at Art Journal Journey using Erika's theme.

  7. No niin, katselin kirjasi ja on kyllä upea 👍😊
    Ihanasti olet saanut kortit käytettyä sivuissa, wau! Paljon on nähtävää ja sen takia sitä on kiva selailla, kun joka sivulla jotain hienoa 😊
    Tuo on oikea aarre.


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