keskiviikko 12. tammikuuta 2022

Hibiscus and girl looking on the bright side

'No one ever went blind looking on the bright side.'

I painted the yellow Hibiscus and the girl with acrylics . The hibiscus turned out in a gigan size compared to the girl. I made this feel again... it's becoming my 'trade mark' 😏 Let's imagine that it's a magical one.
Then I got an idea to make an art journal page and use my painting as one element. So I cropped her out and sank into the abstract background, which I created digitally. I finished my mixed media page making the background for the text which I typed on it with my photoshop tools.
I'm linkin the page at Art Journal Journey Challenge theme 'Let's face it', which is chosen by Erika from BioArtGal blog.
Thank you for looking.
'Kukaan ei ole koskaan mennyt sokeaksi katsoessaan kirkasta puolta.'
Maalasin akryyleillä hibiskus-kukan ja tytön. Kukasta tuli taas suhteettoman suuri tyttöön nähden. Teen tämän virheen usein, joten siitä on tullut 'tavaramerkkini'😏 Kuvitellaan siis, että se olisi taikakukka.
Nyt sain idean käyttää sitä elementtinä art journal sivussani, jolle tein digitaalisesti abstraktin taustan. Irrotin tytön alkuperäisestä taustastaan ja asemoin sivulle. Tein mietelauseelle taustan ja kirjoitin sen kuvankäsittely-ohjelmassani.
Kiitos, jos kävit katsomassa.

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  1. Good point. If more people looked for the bright side the world would be a happier place. You hibiscus lady is another beauty, and are those little glimpses of northern lights. Thanks for sharing with us at AJJ. Hugs-Erika

  2. I also like the link to looking on the bright side, there is so much going on in our world today that could easily take many into a gloomy place. I love your happy colourful page and thank you for linking to the AJJ theme.
    Yvonne xx

  3. That is certainly the right way to go about things. So much doom and gloom about that we need to look on the bright side. Your journal page is beautiful, full of life and colour. A gorgeous background with such fantastic colours and a beautiful flower and young girl.
    Hugs, Neet x

  4. This is a beautiful art piece Sirkkis! I love seeing your paintings in your digital art. You have a beautiful style.

  5. So true! This is beautiful Sirkiss, hugs, Chrisx

  6. Wise words and great face! We all need to definitely look more on the bright side of things. Lovely page Sirkkis.

  7. Your background reminds me of the northern lights I have seen in photos, pictures, and images. Really a lovely digital way to also share your incredibly well done painting. This post shows how very talented you are!


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