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Reason to be thankful

I made another verson using partly same materials.
'Reason to be thankful'
 My art journal page at Art Journal Journey theme 'Let's face it', which is chosen and hosted by Erika from BioArtGal-blog. 
The world has been more or less lockdown for about two years. Some have get out from the years better, some worse. Luckily no one of my family or friends has caught the corona virus.
I feel that the best thing that helps me to feel better, is nature which is near by and I am able to enjoy it during these heavy times. I can see nature from my windows and I can exercise the Nordic walking near my home without using masks outside on the peaceful forest paths or on the beach. 
I am thankful for this.
On my digital layout there is a photo, which I took in spring 2020, when I first time that year saw the same swan couple, which usually comes back to their nestling place. I was glad they were well. I'm sorry that the photo is so small that you can hardly see them, but there they are, and I'm happy about it.
My selfie is taken last week and my 'Corona-hair' is still growing ... The girl looking from the window on my both layouts is my hand painted portrait. And the small flower pictures are take from my camera photos.
Thank you for visiting, and stay safe and be well 💚
'Syy olla kiitollinen' -teemaan tein kaksi art journal-versiota osittain samoista materiaaleista.
Kun maailma on ollut enemmän tai vähemmän kiinni lähes kahden vuoden ajan, jotkut ovat selvinneet ajasta paremmin, toiset huonommin. Onneksi kukaan perheenjäsenistä tai tuttavista ei ole saanut koronaa.
Itselleni lähellä oleva luonto on auttanut paljon selviytymään näistä raskaista vuosista. Voin lähteä kävelylle metsään tai tehdä sauvakävelylenkkejä lähellä olevalla rantatiellä, missä on niin vähän muita samaan aikaan, ettei maskia ole tarvetta käyttää. Jo luonnon näkeminen kotoa ikkunoista tekee hyvää mielelle.
Työssäni näet pienen valokuvan, jonka olen keväällä 2020 ottanut kävelylläni rannassa. Tuttu joutsenpariskunta on palannut entiselle pesimispaikalleen. Se ilahdutti mieltä, että niillä oli kaikki kunnossa ja pesäpuuhat jatkuvat. Ikävä kyllä kuva on niin pieni, että niitä tuskin erottaa, mutta siellä ne uivat . Oma selfieni on otettu viime viikolla, ja 'koronatukka' kasvaa edelleen... Molemmissa töissäni ikkunasta ulos katsova tyttö on käsin akryyleillä maalaamani. Linkitän työni myös toiseen haasteteemaan 'Kasvot'.
Kiitos käynnistä ja voikaa kaikki hyvin 💚

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  1. Such beautiful art Sirkkis, and lovely to see your smiling face there too!

  2. Oh bravo for both of these, wonderful artwork and beautiful collage and I adore your coVid hair it is gorgeous. Mine too is totally out of hand.
    Best wishes to you in all things.

  3. This is so beautiful! And so are you! I LOVE your hair! I don't intend to have mine cut. I also love your piece below this one. So pretty. I always love visiting you my friend. The virus is very bad here too. I have just decided not to visit my 90 year old mother until this slows down. The contagious percent is at 'High' for our county and the one my mother lives in. People are getting the virus even after having the shots and booster. It's scary, and hard to live with. Please stay safe my dear friend. Enjoy your walks and the swans.

  4. Fabulous journal pages, Sirkkis. I love your Thankful sentiments and your hand painted girl AND your wonderful Covid hair. It's good to love nature and to be able to get out into nature too ... I hope one day to visit Finland and see it for myself. Bravo.

  5. I need to outdoor walking for sanity too. It makes such a difference. I love how you made these pages about that. The face you created is beautiful. But not as beautiful as the one of yourself you included. I like both of these pieces, and thanks so much for linking up to AJJ again. Hugs-Erika

  6. Nice composition


    mine is HERE



  7. Well, it is lovely to see a photograph of you with your hair long. I had mine cut from Covid and now I wish I still had it long so I could tie it back and put it up. Love how yours curls around.
    How lovely to know that your swans are back and whether you can see them clearly or not it doesn't matter as you have the evidence and your journal page to look back on.
    The bottom right corner of your page with the birds and the nest is a lovely touch following the other beautiful pictures of nature and your two lovely faces.
    Hugs, Neet xx

  8. It was good to see your photo and lovely long hair included on this fabulous page. I love the links to nature. Nature seems to have such a calming effect on us, I am thankful I live so close to open fields and a small wood, but don't get our so much these days.
    Stay safe and thankyou for linking the page to Erika's theme at AJJ.
    Yvonne xx

  9. Oh Sirkiss! This is wonderful. We have been lucky enough to have walks in natural surrounds and we also have plants and trees to see outside our windows - both front and back of our apartment. Love this page, hugs, Chrisx

  10. Such a pretty lady (you and your painted portrait) and I love the way you incorporated so many other elements in the page too. Nature is healing in so many ways. Another fabulous page, Sirkkis.

  11. Where do I begin? Both layouts are amazing and I love your Covid hair selfie. I also loved seeing the swans. But of course, I was also impressed with your painting and your take on Mother Nature, too. I'm also delighted you shared these with us at Art Journal Journey and Erika's theme.


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