torstai 22. syyskuuta 2022

Creativity, intelligence and fun

Creativity is intelligence having fun 
Klick the picture to see it on a light board, please.
I'm linking this digitally made abstract journal page at Neet's theme 'Fur and/or Feather' at Art Journal Journey this month.
 I bought a new photoshop program to replace my eleven year old first one. There are now some new possibilities to create art. This is the first work I made with it. This will take some time to get familiar with new programs - happily several similarities are, too. I refer to the quote above when say that digital working demands creativity as well as other creative art working.
'Luovuus on älykkyyttä sisältäen hauskuuden' 
Tämä abstrakti digityö menee teemaan 'Höyhenet ja/ tai turkki'.
Hankin uuden fotosoppiohjelman aiemman jo 11 vuotta vanhan tilalle. Tämä on ensimmäinen työ, jonka sillä tein. Tekniikka menee hurjaa vahtia eteenpäin, ja uusia mahdollisuuksia työskennellä on tietysti uudessa. Onneksi on aika paljon ihan samaakin vielä mukana. Viittaan luovuus-teemaan sanoessani, että myös digitaalinen työskentely vaatii samalla tavalla luovuutta kuin muunkinlainen taiteen tekeminen.

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  1. Oh yes I agree-digital art is awesome and requires so much knowledge. I admire everyone who can do it. You are one of the best. I think of you when I hear about that awful Man in Russia-hoping you will always be safe in beautiful Finland.

  2. Gosh, this is lovely. I love the reflection of the moon and the birds with the floating feathers which are perfect for the theme at Art Journal Journey this month. There are some gorgeous elements and colours i this latest piece of yours. I am in awe of the ability you have to do digital art and now you are embarking on something new. I wish you luck with this new program and look forward to seeing your art using this new program.
    Hugs Neet xx

  3. I love the warm feeling you get with this page. and the doves you added really make it even more peaceful. It's a beauty Sirkkis. Thanks for sharing it with us at AJJ for Neet's challenge. And good for you to get a new Photoshop program. I need a new one too-one of these days. Have a wonderful end of your week. Hugs-Erika

  4. Oh yes this art piece encompasses all three. I love this so much.

  5. You are right. Viewing it on the light board really enhances this amazing digital entry which is absolutely perfect for Neet's theme at AJJ. Still playing catch up.


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