tiistai 20. syyskuuta 2022

Enjoy Autumn

'Live, enjoy'

'Autumn meeting of ravens'
For the challenge theme 'Autumn' at Our Midweek Muse this week.
Most images are free form the web, some old from MC.
Thank you for stopping by.
'Nauti syksystä' ovat digitöitäni teemaan 'Syksy'. Useimmat kuvat ovat ilmaiskuvia netistä, jotkut vanhoja MC-kuvia.
Kiva kun poikkesit täällä.

9 kommenttia:

  1. This is such dynamic face art. You are a true master at this. I do love the ravens too. Have a very nice day.

    1. Thank you Nicole; I'm going to link the raven on your FFO!

  2. Wow!!! Really nice creations Sirkkis


  3. these are both gorgeous and both so different from each other, yet both have total autumn feeling! xo.

  4. Double fabulous, amazing color and elements and I love that raven he is the best...well done.

  5. Very beautiful interpretations of autumn Sirkkis!
    Both are impressive, powerful, colourful and very well executed.
    I love your crows. They are superb!
    Have a wonderful season my friend.

  6. Both are beautiful, but I especially like the lovely lady in the first one.

  7. Absolutely stunning scenes of autumn, Sirkkis. Bravo, my friend.

  8. Two very different, very beautiful pieces of art. I can't choose a favorite, I love them both!


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