torstai 22. kesäkuuta 2017

Midsummer Festival-Juhannus

 We celebrate Midsummer Festival every year between the 20th and 26th of June. It is a celebration of light and the beginning of summer. It is the time for Finns to relax and enjoy the magical 'Night less Night' when the sun doesn't go down but a few short hours.
I tried to catch the light and feeling of that in my digital picture.
I cut and cropped the lovely face of Greta Garbo (1905-1990) from a magazine. She was a Swedish born American film actress in the 1920's and 1930's. I altered her black and white photo with a color layer in the photo shop.  Other images were added and design made digitally as well.
I'm linking the work in Paint Party Friday Week 16 Year 7
wishing every one happy PPF and  
🌼 most enjoyable summer time 💕
Ihanaa keskikesän juhlaa kaikille,
🌼 Hyvää Juhannusta 💕

Greta Garbon ihanat kasvo ovat lehdestä leikkaamastani musta/valkoisesta valokuvasta. Lisäsin värit ja muut kuvat photoshopissa. 
Tavoitteenani oli tavoitta kuvaan 'yöttömän yön' fiilis ja värit.

17 kommenttia:

enkulin käsityöt kirjoitti...

Kerrassaan hurmaava on tämäkin työsi.
Ihanaa Juhannusta Sinulle.

peggy gatto kirjoitti...

What a lovely creation!!!

Selma kirjoitti...

Katselin kaikki uusimmat ihanat työsi, ja kyllä kannatti :-)
Hyvää Juhannusta sinullekin :-)

Meggymay kirjoitti...

Beautiful layers, the page looks gorgeous.
Yvonne xx

Sue (this n that) kirjoitti...

Hello Sirkkis, I love your treatment of Greta Garbo - she does have a lovely face, yes.
Thank you for explaining about the short hours of the night, and you have definitely shown that feeling in your art. It's most beautiful :D)

Nordljus kirjoitti...

Wonderful collage, have a lovely midsummer!

Linda Kunsman kirjoitti...

a gorgeous collage-yes, you have captured the light! Happy summer and happy PPF!

Mona Pendleton kirjoitti...

Outstanding artwork Sirkkis! Lovin' the fancy vintage image and all the gorgeous blossoms! Happy PPF :)

Faye kirjoitti...

Beautiful work featuring Greta Garbo. I am old enough to remember her in films toward the end of her career.

carol l mckenna kirjoitti...

Very elegant collage ~ so well composed ~ love your style ~ ^_^

Thanks, for visiting my blog and commenting ~ ^_^

Laney kirjoitti...

Lovely work today. Of course, your work in always lovely! Happy PPF!

denthe kirjoitti...

So beautiful .... It does look magical. It must be so weird to have days that the sun almost doesn't go down. Certainly worth a celebration. Happy PPF and happy Night less Night!

NatashaMay kirjoitti...

Lovely collage! I love the vintage feel to it. :)

Victoria kirjoitti...

Gorgeous beautiful and inspiring..the perfect tribute to Midsummer..such a magical time!
Happy PPF
Victoria #38

Nicole Beadwright Campanella kirjoitti...

Ohhh Sirkkis this is just stunning.

Giggles kirjoitti...

What a glorious piece of art!! Oh I remember her well...Stunning the combination! You did a fabulous job and stuck to your gorgeous style too!! Love it!!

Hugs Giggles

Viola kirjoitti...

Beautiful artwork, so lovely with the black and white among the colors!