sunnuntai 23. joulukuuta 2018

Vintage Santa Claus on his way....

I go to the time when Christmas was not as commercial as it's now. Mick Foley's words: 'Everything you want Santa to be, he is.'
Now when I'm writing this post, there is a nice coincident: a radio channel is broadcasting an hour program about Santa and playing music where Santa has a head role.
I'm linking my vintage Santa at the Dreamers Challenge 23rd December theme 'Santa'.
Image credits: Itkupilli Imagenarium.
I wish all my blog visitors a Merry Christmas.
'Kaikkea millaiseksi toivot pukin olevan, hän on' -Mick Foley
Teemaan 'Joulupukki' valitsin vintage-pukin ajalta, jolloin joulu ei ollut yhtä kaupallinen kuin nyt.
Kun olen tätä kirjoittamassa, lähettää eräs radiokanava tunnin musiikkiohjelmaa, jossa joulupukilla on päärooli. Hauska sattuma! 
Hyvää joulunodotusta toivottelen pukin kera kaikille blogivierailleni.

6 kommenttia:

Tracey@Hotchpotchcreations kirjoitti...

I prefer the Traditional Santa much more than the new, he is so charismatic and much more appealing. Beautiful way to spend the day, Christmas music really does compliment our seasonal crafting. Fabulous page.
Sunday Hugs Tracey xx

junemac2 kirjoitti...

So very beautiful indeed. Happy Christmas from me June xxx

indybev kirjoitti...

I love vintage Santas. At one time in my life, I drew them on wood, cut them out with a band saw, and painted them. I have quite a collection. Your art brought me Christmas joy and recalled simpler times! Blessings on you this holiday season, Sirkkis!

pchickki kirjoitti...

This vintage Santa is fabulous! Yes I love the traditional Santa
Thanks for playing in my challenge

Meggymay kirjoitti...

A wonderful traditional vintage Santa, it is a fabulous page.
Yvonne xx

Deann kirjoitti...

What a wonderful picture and the words are so true ...exquisite work.