torstai 20. helmikuuta 2020

Bluebird in a heart

My mixed-media/Art Journal page for the challenge theme 'Hearts' at Art Journal Journey. Elizabeth from Altered Book Lover blog has chosen the theme this month.
I painted the girl and the bluebird with acrylics onto the background in which I used some acrylics, gesso and stamping. I finished the page making digitally the heart with the text, put the flowers onto the girl's head and framed the work.
I'll link the page also at Paint Party Friday Week 51, Year 9.
Thank you for visiting and the comment you leave.
Wishing a happy PPF and a wonderful weekend to everyone.
'Lintu sininen (sinikka) sydämessä'
Tämän mixed-media/art journal-sivun tein maalaamalla ensin tytön ja linnun akryyleillä tustalle, jolle olin lisännyt akryylejä, gessoa ja leimauksia. Viimeistelin sivun lisäämällä digitaalisesti tekemäni sydämen teksteineen, kukkakoristeen tytön päähän ja kehystyksen.
Sivun tein haasteteemaan 'Sydämet'.
Kiva, että poikkesit katsomassa.
 Mukavaa kohta alkavaa viikonloppua!

15 kommenttia:

Neet kirjoitti...

What a beautiful face you have painted, very poignant and the flowers in her hair are exquisite, as is the bird in that beautiful shade of blue. A lovely background too.
Hugs, Neet xx

Bleubeard and Elizabeth kirjoitti...

WOW. I'm super impressed with your painting skills. You have created a very beautiful young lady. And that bluebird is stunning, too. I was quite enthused to read in addition to the lovely painting, you have also included your digital imagery. SO impressive. Thank you beyond belief for another great entry for Art Journal Journey using my theme, dear Sirkkis.

sheila 77 kirjoitti...

Your faces are all so different and always interesting and full of character, as this one is. I love her hair and eyes, and the lovely shape of her face. The background with the mix of colours and the bluebird are beautifully made too.
I think this painting would look wonderful too without the digital additions, you have such a great talent for painting.

Elkes Lebensglück kirjoitti...

I am thrilled with this page, you have brought wonderful ideas to make a beautiful work of art.
Greetings elke

Meggymay kirjoitti...

A gorgeous mixed media page, the painting looks beautiful and I love the digital additions. Thank you for adding this wonderful page to the current AJJ theme.
Yvonne xx

My name is Erika. kirjoitti...

She is beautiful. What a great page for Art Journal Journey. Thanks so much for sharing with us Sirkkis. Happy almost weekend. Hugs-Erika

Christine kirjoitti...

Beautiful page!

Linda Kunsman kirjoitti...

beautiful painting Sirkkis! Happy PPF!

Clare Lloyd kirjoitti...

She is lovely

Deepa Gopal kirjoitti...

Lovely page! Happy PPF!

Gillena Cox kirjoitti...

Lovely page Sirkkis. Have a nice weekend

Much 🎨love

froebelsternchen kirjoitti...

So utterly beautiful! Gorgeous!!!
Happy weekend Sirkka!

DVArtist kirjoitti...

She is just gorgeous. The background really allows the girl to be focused on. Very nice indeed. Have a great weekend.

Tammie Dickerson kirjoitti...

I love the colors and mood of your artwork! So sweet and has a timeless aura about it! Wonderful!!

Rain kirjoitti...

That's very pretty Sirkkis! I love the mixed media you used for your piece!