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You deserve a Love 5 ūüíĖ Ansaitset rakkauden

 "You deserve a love that takes away the lies and brings 
illusion, coffee, and poetry."
- Frida Kahlo
I'd like to end my series of Frida Kahlo and poetry in happy feelings, and made this art journal page about Frida's serene expression.
I've digitally new painted Frida's skin and hair dressing, and designed her the background with images and texts, which I chose from my files, and which are related to the words of her poem. The quote "you are capable of extraordinary things" that I added is perfect for Frida, too.
I'm linking my work on the theme 'Poetry' hosted by Valerie and Erika at 
Thank you for looking.
"Ansaitset rakkauden, joka poistaa valheet ja tuo
 illuusion, kahvin ja runouden."
- Frida Kahlo
Halusin päättää tämän Frida Kahlo/Runot -sarjani onnellisissa merkeissä: hän rakastaa myös mielikuvituksellisuutta, kahvia ja runoutta.
Häntä kuvaa hyvin myös mietelause: 'Kykenet erityisen tavattomiin asioihin.'
Suunnittelin hänen kuvalleen, jonka digisiveltimillä osittain uudelleen maalasin, taustan, joka tukee hänen sanojaan ja tunteitaan.
Kuvat löytyivät taas arkistostani.
Kiitos käynnistäs.

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  1. Large art magazine page.
    I loved the quote, it motivates us to do things!
    Have a beautiful Sunday wherever you are,
    since you are not in Thessaloniki❤️!!

    1. Thank you my friend; same to you, enjoy the day ūüĆě

  2. Fabulous journal page, I have very much enjoyed your Frida series! Thanks for linking to our challenge at AJJ, Valerie

  3. I'm sad the Frida pages are wrapping up as I very much enjoyed them. This one is really lovely. I like the birds, your hand painting and the line from the poetry. It is perfect for AJJ, so thank you for joining us. Have a fantastic start to the new week and rest of your weekend also. hugs-Erika

    1. Thank you Erika for your kind comment and the interesting theme ūüėė

  4. You have created a series that should be in a gallery. They are beautiful.

  5. My absolute favorite artist and you have captured her so well ! Fantastic work!


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