keskiviikko 27. toukokuuta 2020

Take a look at the mirror...

Oh, my...  I forgot to take a look!
This may happen if you've been too busy some morning😏
My weird digital page for the theme 'Bad hair day' at Three Muses Challenge this week.
Have a beautiful hair day!
Tämän omituisen digeilyni tein teemaan 'Huono hiuspäivä'.
Näin voi kiireessä käydä, kun unohtaa katsoa peilliin😏
Kauista hiuspäivää sinulle!

6 kommenttia:

Sim kirjoitti...

Hahaha! Very funny Sirkkis!
And well done too!
Stay safe please.

Päden paja kirjoitti...

Hieno työ! Aurinkoista päivää♥

Taluula kirjoitti...

Quirky and gorgeous and so much fun, Sirkkis. Loud applause from me, my friend.

Mary M. kirjoitti...

Very funny. You hardly see many people with curlers in their hair anymore, but I do remember driving to work and seeing women with them in their hair.

Bleubeard and Elizabeth kirjoitti...

This is certainly unorthodox. I agree that practically NO ONE uses curlers anymore, which makes this lady to unconventional.

sbpoet kirjoitti...

Great face day!