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A face and thoughts of a friend from my youth

'I'm going to stand outside. So if anyone ask, I am outstanding' 😉
My hand painted portrait on the hand painted notebook page 7,5 x 5,5 inch. I used dry colored pencils on the dry page.
I'm linking it at the DVArtist/Nicole's theme 'Friday Face Off' this week.
Thank you for visiting. Have the great weekend.

My hand made art journal page for the Chris's theme 'When we were young' at Art Journal Journey this month. 

Elsi, 'Thoughts of you and me when we were young.'
The girl page is the same as above with colored pencils painted portrait with the words: 'I'm going to stand outside. So if anyone ask, I am outstanding' 😉
I painted first the spread's background, and for AJJ theme I stamped it with my old for ATC's bought stamps. The page is expressed to Elsi, who was my best friend through our high school time. After we graduated, she moved with her elder sister to Canada, and has married, got a girl Kaarina, and lived there until this. We have met several times and connected with letters and after the internet time started with e-mails, but now a days mostly only near Christmas time, and holidays (life is not roaring any more😉). The both of us have gone trough many changes in our life, but we have exchanged also these experiences to each others. So the friendship we made at the school, can last this long, since the beginning of 1960's to these days - from the youth to the old age.
I've written on the page a couple of sayings (sorry about my hand writing):   'Don't be afraid to speak up for yourself. Keep your dreams' -Gabby Douglas. 'The most important thing the girl wear is her confidence.'
Thank you for visiting. Happy and safe late summer days to you.
'Aion seisoa ulkona. Jos joku kysyy, olen "ulkona seisoja" =upea😉
Ylinnä näet käsin värikynillä muistikirjan sivulle maalaamani kasvokuvan ja sen alapuolella aukeaman, jossa on toisella sivulla sama tyttö ja toiselle puolelle tein myös käsin värittämällä pohjan ja sille leimailin ATC-kortteja varten aikoinaan hankkimillani leimoilla art journal-sivun. Sivun tein teemaan
 'Kun olimme nuoria.'
Osoitan sen kouluaikaiselle 'bestikselleni' Elsille. Valmistuttuamme hän muutti vanhemman sisarensa kanssa Kanadaan, missä asuu edelleenkin. Molemmat olemme avioituneet, saaneet lapset ja vaihtaneet tietoja kirjein ja internetin aikaan mailein. Tavanneetkin olemme muutaman kerran. Olemme edelleen yhteyksissä, tosin nykyisin vain merkki- ja juhla-aikoina (elämässä ei enää tapahdukaan kummempaa 😉
Näin kouluaikana alkaneet ihmissuhteet voivat kestää näinkin pitkän ajan 60-luvun alusta tähän päivään - nuoruudesta vanhuuteen.
Hyvää viikonloppua kaikille meille 💚

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  1. She's amazing. I wonder what she knows that she's not saying. I like the playful background and the stamped left hand side too. So many fun faces. Hope you've had a great week and have a super weekend too Sirkkis. hugs-Erika

  2. I've got to get better at saying thanks for joining us at AJJ also. This is a great page for Chris' challenge.

  3. I agree that her eyes are amazing. They are delightfullly expressive.

  4. She is gorgeous. Yes, her eyes have a secrete and are alluring. Thank you for joining Friday Face Off.

  5. Such beautiful pages! Your drawing looks amazing and I love your stamped design too 😊. Happy Friday and weekend! Hugs Jo x

  6. She truly is outstanding! I love what you wrote about your friend Elsi - what a wonderful friendship you two have had. Even if there are less emails now than there used to be, you're still thinking of and connected with each other.

  7. I always love a good play on words and I love the outstanding lady, too. She is actually a real beauty and you created magic with those pencils. What fun. It's also great you created a page for Chris's theme at Art Journal Journey, too. This is a really stunning entry, dear.

  8. Wow, THIS ia a beautiful face - very well done!
    And the quote, very good!

    And the story about your friend - sadly not the same here.
    When I visit my Brother an "old" (punt intended) school colleague might pop into his shop and since I look a lot like my Brother they recognize me and still even know my name. But that is all.

    I "had to" scroll back up to see your beautiful painting once more :-)

  9. A beautiful art journal spread Sirkkis, I love the portrait and quotes.
    I still have a friend from my school days. I've known her since we started school in fact, at the age of 4. Fortunately, neither of us moved very far, so we meet up regularly. We are both now 60.
    I hope you are having a good weekend.

  10. Beautiful portrait, the eyes are incredible and extraordinarily expressive.
    Wonderful art journal page.

  11. What a gorgeous art journal spread! The face is absolutely beautiful and I love that she's a friend from your youth. All of the quotes are very heartwarming!


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