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Fairy's Gift

'Fairy's gift' is a folklore, which tells about an uncertain blessing: it brings you joy, healing or skill to make the most beautiful music in the world. (
I'm linking my digital art journal page at the Elle's challenge theme 'Tel me a Story' this month at Art Journal Journey.
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'Keijukaisen lahja'
on folklore, joka kertoo epävarman tarinan keijukaisen lahjasta, siunauksesta joka tuo sinulle iloa, toipumista, tai taitoa tehdä maailman kauneinta musiikkia.
Tein digitaalisesti tämän työn teemaan 'Kerro minulle tarina'.
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  1. What an interesting page Sirkkis and the poem about white teeth and sweet breath. I googled sozodont to see what it is and it used to be an oral hygiene product from 1859 - fascinating! I learned something new today. Maybe there is a connection between that and the "tooth fairy" stories. Thanks for joining me for the October theme at Art Journal Journey this month Elle/Empire of the Cat xx

  2. Such a beautiful age, as always, and I just adore the elfin face of the figure on the left. She must be a lady elfin with those features. The fairy verse is lovely and I see Elle has done research already into it so I won't do any myself. I'll just enjoy your page.
    Hugs, Neet xx

  3. Stunning and beautiful. This is a glorious story and beautiful fairies. I like how Elle likened the word Sozodont to the tooth fairy. Guess that could be a possibility. Thanks for sharing this incredible entry with us at Art Journal Journey using Elle's theme.

  4. Absolutely beautiful! You’ve really captured the magic of the fairies.


  5. Absolutely beautiful- I love the little rhyme. Pleased to see Elle's explanation too! Great for Elle's AJJ theme! Hugs, Chrisx

  6. This is an awesome piece Sirkkis, and perfect for Elle's challenge. It is fun to see your fairies and that beautiful poem too. Thanks fo joining us at AJJ for Elle's challenge. Hope it was a lovely weekend. hugs-Erika

  7. I love this. Especially the hands.


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